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Twitter, the iPad app is finally similar to the iPhone app

Unique user experience on all iOS devices: starting with the iPad update, looking at iOS 9 multitasking

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<p><strong>Twitter apps for iPhone and iPad</strong>, although sharing some codes, they were originally designed and developed separately. For this, I play strongly, the app for the iPad always remained a little behind.</p><div class=

By adopting what they have defined "adaptive UI", Which conveyed the ideas of both the design team and the engineering team, tried to unify the browsing experience from any type of iOS device.

The system adapts to the variable characteristics of the machines, which as explained in the official post, are at least five: type of device (phone or tablet); orientation; view size at that moment (canvas); size class (large or small canvas); typographic settings.

With the update, even iPad users will be able to cite tweets by incorporating them, a function made available by the social media since last April. Twitter will also support the multitasking provided by Apple's iOS 9.


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