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Tinder, a spot to explain Super like

This is perhaps the first advertisement to emphasize a single feature of an app: a new feature highlights special people


Once the commercials were produced only to promote new products on the market, or perhaps to re-launch a brand with a new message and a new positioning. And for commercials we don't mean just a trivial video ad, but a real 30 or 1'000 minifilm with history, a script, characters, a complex direction, and so on.

Today it happens that, on the one hand, the network makes it possible to spread many more videos and commercials and, on the other, the number of products and, above all, of services have multiplied to the point that today we also realize spots to communicate accessories or individual relative elements to a product or service.

the case of Tinder, which to promote the new feature Super Like made a spot with two supermodels as Nina Agdal is Erin Heatherton, in the form of trailers. The most popular app to facilitate dating has decided to add a new preference item Super Like identified by a blue star that rises as an icon which suggests to the other person that she is particularly interested in her.

The spot refers to the world of comics and superheroes, with the repetition in the real world of what happens on the net, swipe, match and all the rest: a beautiful girl tormented by various suitors but thanks to the new superheroine function here – she manages to kick everyone off and have direct access through her super like.

perhaps the first time a real spot is produced for a particular one feature, albeit for such a popular application as Tinder. The function Super Like for the moment only active in Australia, but by the end of the year it will be extended to all other countries.

But after so much talk here is it spot.


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