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The photography queen of the Internet

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"The strategic element of the Internet? Photography ". Perhaps the opinion is not totally disinterested and objective, given that the source from which it comes, Kodak, makes the image business its primary source of sustenance, but certainly it cannot be said that it does not have its foundation in numbers either. The images are in fact the backbone of the network and the photos taken on the servers scattered around the world are now tens of millions. The expectation that digital photography for the Internet will soon reach 225 billion dollars in revenue, practically the same turnover as all the photographic sectors added together, because ?The Web without images – declared in Las Vegas during a press conference Daniel A. Carp CEO of Kodak – it would be a kind of computer nightmare "Carp then demonstrated a series of technologies that should change the way in which image and Internet interact. One of the decisive steps will be the integration of wireless image transmission technologies from cameras directly to computers using, for example, Bluetooth.Carp then demonstrated software that can create 3D objects using a series of photo shots. The image, completely manipulable, takes up very little space and can be used for e-commerce. Finally Kodak is studying a new display technology called OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode, which we have already discussed in a previous Macity article) that will allow lower consumption, very low thickness and superior image quality to current LCD screens, and a system for the digital "signature" of images to prevent the illicit use of copyrighted photographs.

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