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The decline of an app is expected on Twitter

BuzzFeed News has carried out a study that links the spread of tweets to the success of an application: which ones are in danger?


Tweets can predict the future of an app and report its health status. This was explained by BuzzFeed News, after analyzing the data of dozens of different applications. What they did, was to keep track of the tweets you link to the app, like this:

or this:

Whenever the share of tweets containing links went down over the months, BuzzFeed News read a warning sign. what they called "social decline". And according to their study, a parameter is more than effective for telling the life of an application, especially for those who need an exposure on Twitter.

The first app with which they completed the experiment was Secret, launched in January 2014 with a great movement, and even peaked in August. Then, the "social decay", with a very brief and insufficient shot in February. In April, the co-founder announced the end.

(Photo: BuzzFeed)(Photo: BuzzFeed)

Same thing for Frontback, application for sharing photos, which had announced a closure, only to communicate to his community that he will stay alive, having found new partners:

(Photo: BuzzFeed News)

The analysis of BuzzFeed News tweets certainly does not only look at the ?social decay?: the YouNow streaming application, which is very strong among teenagers, tells of an exponential growth, from 2012 to 2015, the year in which it is reaping many fruits .

(Photo: BuzzFeed News)(Photo: BuzzFeed News)

Some graphics instead, tell a more complex story, like that of Ello, the social media that presented itself as the anti-Facebook.

(Photo: BuzzFeed News)

The Ello graphic would seem to show a rapid descent, but in hindsight, it only settled very quickly on its audience, consisting of a very specific niche.

Clear, that this analysis system makes sense when the application must provide for external sharing. In the case of Shots, the app for selfies supported by Justin Bieber, what would seem to be a decline due to the decision to limit the external sharing of content, having mainly non-adult users.

(Photo: BuzzFeed News)

Taking advantage of the "social decay" mechanism, BuzzFeed News has identified some apps that would be in danger. Among these Timehop, the app that shows its users what they did in the past, based on content shared on social media. The app seems to have been affected by the introduction of the Facebook ?Accadde today? function.

But Jonathan Wegener, CEO of Timehops, replied that he does not record any particular fall in the shares and that, above all, they do not count on closing.

(Photo: BuzzFeed News)(Photo: BuzzFeed News)

In the focus of social decline, again according to them, also a Jelly and Super.


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