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Terratec Noxon: new firmware to read AAC, Ogg Vorbis, Podcasts …

Terratec Noxon: new firmware to read AAC, Ogg Vorbis, Podcast … logomacitynet1200wide 1

Previously we have talked several times about iRadio (photographed live at London's MacExpo) and other Terratec products, but now NOXON 2 audio and NOXON iRadio thanks to the newly released firmware get changes, improvements and bug fixes. Now I'm able to play Podcasts, tracks in AAC and AAC + audio formats (without DRM copy protection), as well as OGG Vorbis. With the new version WPA2 encryption is supported and you have a new sleeptimer, a display zoom, a clock that synchronizes itself and other improvements.

The Noxons can be connected to the Mac with either a wired or wireless network, thanks to the Elgato uPnP software that allows remote access to the iTunes libraries on your computer located in another room of your home. Until yesterday it was only possible to access MP3 and Wav archives; the new update greatly extends the versatility of the devices.

Here are the changes in detail – Greater security: with the new support of WPA2, authentication and communication in WLAN networks so protected are now possible. – The NOXON now also reproduces Podcasts. The list is continually updated and sorted by country, with a large selection of Podcasts from all over the world. – Improved search function: to search the lists for a station or a title, it is now possible to start the search by remote control with SMS. Pressing the "0" key is no longer necessary. – Zoom function and alternative views: with the "i" key you now have several alternative views available. The information titles on the contents being reproduced can be enlarged and there is a considerable improvement in the distance readability. – Clock: the NOXON always knows precisely what time it is: it automatically detects the current time via the Internet. The time display is one of several alternative views that can be recalled at any time using the "i" button! – Sleeptimer function: the new sleeptimer function can be set to values ??from 15 to 120 min) makes you fall asleep gently and then switches off the device automatically when you pass of the preset interval.? Display dimmer: the brightness of the display can now be adjusted to suit low-light environments.? Support for music formats: now the AAC and AAC + formats are supported, as well as OGG Vorbis (open-source high quality audio codec).

The firmware is updated through an application (unfortunately only for Windows) which provides for the recognition of the device and its update. The latest machines that will reach the market in the coming weeks will be equipped with the new firmware.

To download the new firmware go to the support page of the Terratec website.

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