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Target and Disney, clash for iTunes

Target and Disney are in conflict. The reason for the contrast would be the decision of the production company to support Apple's online film sales strategy. To report that the crisis of the relations between the great American retailer and Disney, a site specialized in news on the society of Topolino.

According to information gathered by some employees of Target, a chain of department stores present in a capillary manner (almost 1500 points of sale) throughout the American territory, at the beginning of November it would have been available to eliminate any sign of Disney films, including the most recent. As if this were not enough, to prove that the really harsh contrast, the signs that advertised Disney-branded products would have disappeared from the gaming departments.

The reason for the initiative, as mentioned, is Disney's decision to sell movies on the iTunes Store. Target, with Wal-Mart, had expressed its disagreement to the partnership especially in light of the fact that the DVDs sold in stores have a much higher cost than the films sold on iTunes. The position taken by Target, which for now has not taken Disney DVDs off the shelves, as if threatened, but seems to have been limited to simply eliminating advertisements, cannot be taken lightly. Target stores produce 25% of US DVD sales.