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Tablet Mac, the voices are back

After a period of absence, rumors about the Tablet Mac are back in circulation. The Australian site Smarthouse relaunches it, citing some Taiwanese sources.

According to the rumors the device would, in fact, be a touch-sensitive screen capable of interfacing with a series of digital home devices, from TVs to stereos, and to control applications for home automation. A dock would provide HDMI connectivity for high-definition video and wireless would make it connectable with external speakers. According to Smarthouse the tablet could also function as a real PC.

The site mentions the various patents registered or being registered that Apple has submitted in recent months and in recent weeks, including the one to transform a generic device into a device dedicated (to audio, video, music) through the application of special masks.

The tablet is being engineered by Apple laboratories with the collaboration of three Taiwanese companies of which only two are mentioned in the article, Hon Hai and Quanta.

The merits of the indiscretion difficult to evaluate. As mentioned at the beginning the voices of a Mac tablet with video capacity have been circulating for years; the basis of being patents collected by Apple and some technologies (such as the one for handwriting recognition) that seem suitable precisely for the purpose of creating a product of this type.