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Synchronize DVD audio, audio synchronization guide with video

Thanks to this guide you can synchronize the audio and video of a DVD. This annoying problem arises when, converting divx or mkv files or other types of video streams into by giardiniblogLet's move on to synchronization

The programs used are

Click on the name of the program to download

We install the 3 programs and proceed according to the following 3 points:

1) PointSmartRipper


Let's start withSmartRipperwe unpack it and start the program. Even if a screen appears, no Aspi-Adapter available, click ok and continue.

Once the program has started, click on the lens below in Target and choose the folder where we will have the Vob file divided into audio track M2v and Ac3, for convenience select Desktop or a folder on the Desktop. A source click on Stream Processing and check the "Enable Stream Processing" option. Select the video stream and on the right click Demux to extra file. Same thing you have to do when in the Streams menu you click on Audio not specified, select Demux to extra file; leave the rest unchanged and click on Start. This process should last 10 minutes and create many files, but 2 will be the ones we need, an M2v file and an Ac3 file, and with the first program we are done.

2) PointDelaycut


We initiate Delaycut, in input file we insert the file ac3 just created in the previous step (demux), we click on the right on original length and at start we put -2500 if we have a delay of 2.5 sec, here you should do some tests to have the right synchronization, example if we observe that, in the first video, a noise occurs, an explosion, what it is and the relative sound is heard later, a negative value is inserted, for example -1000, -2000 (which is equivalent to -1, -2 sec), vice versa , put a positive value in milliseconds, leave the rest unchanged and click on PROCESS.This process takes about 30 seconds and you will get a second file (eg VIDEO_TS T80 3_2ch 384Kbps DELAY 0ms_fixed.ac3)

3) PointIfoedit


We initiate Ifoedit.From the DVD Author menu click on Author new dvd, click on video and add the .m2v file, in audio click on the ac3 file (there is also the option delay ms but I get out of obscure I do not know if it is usable, otherwise it would be possible skip the 2nd step) select the destination, leave everything else as it is and click on OK. In about 12 minutes we will have the vob files, 2 ifo files and 2 bup.

There remains now that burn everything in DVD format with any burning program, and the problem solved !!!!

Good vision!!!!