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Suspended between Nvidia and ATI

Suspended between Nvidia and ATI logomacitynet1200wide 1

The announcement of a laptop version of Radeon, which came very soon after the availability of a low-power version of Nvidia's GeForce, reopened the discussion on what could be the acceleration chips for the new PowerBooks. According to some sources, in fact, if the promises of processor speed, derived from the desktop version were maintained, it could be more difficult for Nvidia to disrupt the alliance between Apple and Ati. The impression that Canadian society may still have the confidence of Apple also in the desktop sector comes from an interview with CEO Kim Yung Ho, published yesterday by Gamers Depot. The head of ATI claims that the first M6 units, the Radeon for laptops, will be available to the end user in an OEM version, or mounted on machines for sale, in the first quarter of next year, practically when the new PowerBooks. K.Y. Ho is careful not to say who the producers are who will adopt the processor, but claims that "one of them has already seen our chip at work". It is easy to think that this customer, given the relationships that have always existed with Apple, could be the Cupertino company. To read the press releases and official information both from ATI and from Nvidia, however, there would be something to be worried about. Both M6 and GeForce2Go, in fact, according to the managers of the two companies may not be available to the public that "by the spring" of 2001. This supports a very recent release from Nvidia and this also states the CEO of ATI. Should it therefore be concluded that if Apple intends to release a laptop next January in San Francisco this will still have the aging Rage Mobility 128? Especially if it should perhaps be concluded that, given the update cycles of portable machines (renewed every 10 months) the Rage Mobility could last until the end of 2001? At this moment it seems really difficult to make forecasts. The opinion of the writer, in any case, that Apple really will have no way out to launch a laptop that promises to be revolutionary (new motherboard, new case, new screen) with an inadequate 3D processor, maybe even at a cost to act as a testing platform. And this applies to both the GeForce2Go and the Radeon M6

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