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Soon an iTunes 7 update?

Apple may soon be forced to release an iTunes update. This is what some sites claim after collecting information from users who are experimenting with the new version of the Cupertino juke box.

Some of the bugs are explicitly recognized by Apple itself which mentions it in technical notes published in recent days on the Internet. For example iTune 7.0 in some cases does not download and does not reproduce the covers of the disks; Apple also admits the inability to view booklets purchased from the iTunes Store. The Cupertino site also speaks of a problem that prevents AirTunes from connecting to remote speakers and, finally, the impossibility of reproducing content purchased on the iTunes Store.

A number of other problems are reported by in various forums and, although not classified and recognized by Apple, seem to be confirmed. For example, the lack of images (audio only) occurs in the playback of movies and the stop of the music on mobile phones compatible with iTunes music. Other problems spread over frequent crashes, anomalies in the graphic display, quality audio not excellent.

The series of problems appears to be very long and, in some cases, certainly not negligible. Hence, as mentioned, the impression that Apple is forced to intervene quickly to change the code and face the most urgent problems. This is not the first time Cupertino has applied a patch to iTunes a few days later. Already at the launch of version 6.0 (the one presented last October) Cupertino launches an update within a week.