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Sonic Impact T24: the compact with T-Amp for iPod

As audiophiles will surely know, the technology of T Amp amplifiers has revolutionized the world of high fidelity, offering excellent audio quality at prices up to a few years ago not even imaginable. Today that technology is available in a compact system even for Apple MP3 players thanks to the T24. In particular, thanks to the standard "universal dock", the Sonic Impact accessory is compatible with all iPod models equipped with a dock connector.

Dark gray in color, robust in shape but small and elegant, the T24 has a convenient central housing, inside which the iPod can be inserted. Thanks to two processors (one analogue and one digital) and 15W of power for channel, the sound performance is maximized at best, so as to satisfy even the most demanding enthusiasts.

The features of the T24 are completed by the possibility of remote control via remote control, a video and audio output to connect the iPod with video to the TV and the possibility to recharge the batteries of the Apple player leaving it connected to the amplifier.

Distributed in Italy by American Dataline recommended for those who want a convenient alternative to classic Home Audio systems, especially given the excellent value for money.

The retail price of 199 euros

t24 sonic impact