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SoftChip: Backup Loader for Nintendo Wii

SoftChip an alternative to Backup Launcher for Nintendo Wii which allows you to upload your backup copies via software modification (without a modchip).

SoftChip for Nintendo WiiSoftChip for Nintendo Wii

Update 06/07/2009 : updated version of SoftChip a R99, last available.

To use this program you need theHomeBrew Channel pre-installed via the Twilight Hack or BannerBomb. You can follow our reference guide How to start backup copies with software modification on Wii (no modchip) for both the 3.3E (and lower) versions and for the 3.4E version. For version 4.0 you must necessarily follow the guide on BannerBomb and the other guides that will follow.

Among the main features we find:

  • Elimination of the error # 002 when starting some backups.
  • Bypass update request.
  • Allows you to start games that require other IOS or updates subsequent to 3.2E.
  • Compatibility close to 100%

Also you can use the .wad version of the SoftChip to install it as channel in Wii Menu and avoid keeping the SD memory card inserted.

The program is continuously updated with available sources and whoever has the capacity can collaborate. On the blog we will provide you in this post always thelast compiled version and ready to use with all the files you need.

Last Update: SoftChip version R99

Below is the use guide and the two alternative ways to start the program.

Starting SoftChip via HomeBrew Channel

Extract the archive and copy the entire folder softchip / inside apps / in the SD memory card. Start theHomeBrew Channel and in the list choose to start SoftChip.

If you have never installed the cIOS (IOS249) also copy the folder cIOS Installer / inside apps / and run the installer before using SoftChip.

Installation of the SoftChip channel

Extract the archive and copy the files softchip.wad in the folder WAD / inside the SD memory card. If there is no WAD / create folder as well.

Download the Wad Manager, unpack and copy the extracted folder to the folder apps / of the SD card. Start the HomeBrew Channel and then the Wad Manager. Choose to install the channel softchip.wad. If all goes well, you will find the SoftChip channel in the Wii Menu. At this point you will no longer need to keep the SD memory card inserted in the console.

If you already have a version of the SoftChip channel installed, you can remove it from the Wad Manager and then install the last one.

For the most frequent questions read this post -> FAQ (to consult before commenting!).

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