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Skype, service out of use worldwide

Contacts appear offline and cannot start calls. The company: "We are trying to solve the problem"

Skype in down for hours around the world. Microsoft has already announced that it is attempting to resolve the issue, which identified a problem in the service status settings.

A disservice on such a large scale also happened in December 2010 for a problem, they explained, to supernodes.

"Affected users will not be able to change their status, their contacts will appear to be offline and calls cannot be initiated" explains the official note.

Meanwhile, SkypeSupport is working overtime on Twitter:

More explanations came from Microsoft: ?We have identified the network problem that today did not allow to log in and use Skype. We are reconnecting our consumers and working to completely restore the service. The problem did not involve Skype for Business users ". For information, report, you can consult Skype Heartbeat.

The service for Windows 10 was released in early September.


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