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"Search Inside Yourself": the three secrets with which Google changes the lives of its employees

Google's secrets include courses for employees like Search Inside Youself: The Unexpected Path to Achieving Success, Happines.

by Cecilia Cantadore

Google is not just a company, the center of digital change. And this role in Big G takes it seriously. They don't want to change only the web, technology, social media but also people. Every year thousands of Google staff employees take part in one of the company meditation courses mindfulness, modern translation of the term awareness. A way to combat stress and suffering related to everyday life, which can actually change your life. The most popular course is called Search Inside Yourself, search in yourself, so much in demand that to attend it regularly there is a waiting list of six months. The master an engineer from Singapore, Chade-Meng Tan, known only as Meng, the employee n. 107 in the company since 1999 and today a star, in the Google world, also because of his book Search Inside Youself: The Unexpected Path to Achieving Success, Happiness (and World Peace), which has become a bestseller and which underlies its motivational courses in which it combines mindfulness with approaches based on emotional intelligence. Meng has influenced the culture of Google, in a company famous for having called many VIPs to Googleplex, where there is a wall with his photos along with the celebrities, including presidents Clinton, Carter and Obama. I'm not interested in bringing Buddhism to Google said Meng I want to help people find the key to happiness .The course, started in Google since 2007, helps people to relate to each other in a different way from the engineer approach that dominates the Google culture, and teaches three secrets, easier said than done:

1) Training attention: at any time, whatever is happening, in a period of stress or difficulty, you need to be able to bring your mind to a calm and peaceful place. Being the basis of emotional intelligence.

2) Knowledge of s: after making the mind calm and serene, it is necessary to build a deep knowledge and awareness of oneself over time, which evolves and becomes master of one's actions. If you know enough about yourself, you can manage your emotions.

3) Create mental habits: for example, treating people kindly. When it becomes a habit, you don't have to think about it anymore, it comes automatically.

I know it might sound melodramatic, but I think this course has really changed my life, an employee says after having participated. This meditation is becoming an institution even outside the walls of the Mountain View headquarters, also thanks to the enthusiasm of those who have participated: I completely changed the way of managing stress, I take the time to reflect on things and seek empathy with other people, in situations where I immediately jumped to conclusions. I love my new way of being !. And again: I can see myself and the world around me in a kinder way and with different eyes.

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