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PowerBook downward everywhere

PowerBook in decline everywhere logomacitynet1200wide 1

From today, on the online stores of the various European countries, the PowerBook 500 appears with the same downward already signaled by these pages last night. The destiny of these machines is obvious: to be disposed of as soon as possible to make room for the new models that will follow shortly. If we can afford an observation, what most attracts attention is Apple's haste to get rid of the 500 Mhz models, leaving very little margin compared to 400 Mhz, which are also present in the distribution channels. This attitude can have two explanations: the first that simply Apple still has many unsold 500 Mhz, while the 400 Mhz are already virtually all in the distribution channels ready for delivery, but do not weigh on the shoulders of Apple. Secondly, we can imagine that the new machines will have an entry level model perhaps not very dissimilar for technical characteristics with the current PB 500, but with better technologies, a superior laptop in all of the current 500 and with a price of buying from the entry level, it would absolutely put the current 500 Mhz out of play, while the 400, granted for granted, would become attractive for those who don't need top-notch performance and pay more attention to the cost of the machine. If this second hypothesis were true , it would simply mean that the next laptops could really have outstanding features, imagine an entry level machine with even better features than the current PB 500 …

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