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Original Christmas greetings: Video Cards to send!

If you want to pick and send original Christmas greetings is fun, there are many services on the web that send video postcard in the recipient's email box.

We have selected some for you:

cardfunk send video cards Service really well done and completely free. It allows you to change the face to 3 characters (max) who will take part in a virtual ballet. You can also choose thewallpaper Background image, the music in the background and the message to send along with the video. The site made in flash and simply click on "Create Now" to start processing ours Video greeting card. Finally choose the recipient and get a link to send it eventually to other friends and relatives.


Really complete site with hundreds of video postcard presets that you can also use on other occasions! There is a ranking of "top postcards"Sent so far. The possibilities of customization concern the addition of a photo to the movie (not only that of the face), the choice of soundtrack to be attached between those proposals (many) and obviously the custom message greeting card. Definitely a site to keep in your favorites and to use on every occasion and holiday. Recommended!

youtube for greetings

Do you want to send your face in the greeting message or do you want to do it soon? Then the easiest thing to do is select some videos from youtube by default greetings! There are lots of them and you can also save some time by sending the link to the video directly via email. It is a pity that the youtube service was no longer active and that last year allowed sending the greeting card without related videos and with background and message of your choice.

Don't forget to make your PC Christmas too with 255 High Resolution Wallpapers and some nice Christmas Icon Sets.