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Nintendo Wii: Firmware 3.4E and point of the situation

If you haven't updated yet, DON'T DO IT and completely ignore the Nintendo message that comes to you or the update notifications you will receive.

With this update it is no longer possible to perform the modification described in our guide, as the Twilight Hack method (saving with Zelda Twilight Princess) has been blocked. It will also not be possible to run HomeBrew programs.

If you have not modified your console and inadvertently (or unknowingly) have updated to the version 3.4E there is nothing left to do but wait and be patient; the hacker community has already set in motion to solve the problem. As soon as information is available, there will be a new article on this site.

For all the others, I take this opportunity to remind you of the guides on the blog that deal in depth with the topic of software modification and that you can follow:

How To – How to start backup copies with software modification on Wii (no modchip)

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