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Nike's music on the Italian iTunes Store

The music of Nike on the Italian iTunes Store logomacitynet1200wide 1

The section dedicated to the race and iPod combination also arrives on the iTunes Store. The showcase called Nike Sport Music edited by Nike, which collaborates with Apple for the Nike + iPod sport Kit and contains three different "topics" including training tracks (workouts), where music matches advice of the legend of the marathon Alberto Salazar; each Nike + workout consisting of a continuous track and aims at a specific and different purpose (increasing speed, increasing endurance, etc. etc.). IMix sports are mixes created by users with the aim of giving rhythm during the race; Athletes Insipirations are, in fact, compilations of the favorite music of famous athletes like Lance Armstrong, Vince Carter, Steve Nash or Ronaldo.

In the Italian section there are still no podcasts promised at the time of launching the section on the iTunes Use site, but it must be said that even on the American site there are currently only one.

The music of the sezone Nike Sport Music, of course, can be heard on any occasion, but designed for those who own a Nike + iPod Sport Kit for sale, among others, on AppleStore (sponsor) at 29 euros with delivery time of 24 hours .

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