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Nike + iPod Sport Kit, four times earth-moon

Nike + iPod Sport Kit, four times earth-moon logomacitynet1200wide 1

Forty times around the world or more than four times the distance from the earth to the moon. That's how much the total number of kilometers covered by Nike + iPod Sport Kit users is all put together. The data, certainly sensational because it was achieved in just ten weeks, was announced by Nike with a statement that followed the analysis of the website used to track the performance of the device owners created in collaboration with Apple.

Nike has also recorded very high level records, just think that an anonymous user who for sure was not a runner on Sunday did 10 thousand in 27 and 43 seconds, or a performance that would have been worth the sixth place at the Olympics (Kenenisa Bekele in Athens took the gold medal with 27.05); another user had a record of 5 thousand in 13.47, or a thirteenth place in the Olympic final (Hicham El Guerrouj won with 13.14). The maximum distance reached by another kit owner was 965 kilometers. Overall, as mentioned, the journey of all users was over 1.6 million kilometers.

Remember that the Nike + ipod consists of a sensor that fits inside the Nike shoe (there are 12 different compatible models) and a receiver positioned on the iPod that performs various calculations on training performance. An Internet site allows you to monitor progress and discuss with other riders around the world.

Nike confirms what has already been written by Macity a few weeks ago, namely that the availability of the kit will be extended to other countries besides the United States and the United Kingdom where it is already present by the month of October. Italy is among the nations where it will arrive.

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