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Moovit as a record: the number one app in the world for local public transport

Thanks to the contribution of the same users, who map urban routes, Moovit is currently the number one application in the world for those who travel by public transport

(Photo: Moovit)(Photo: Moovit)

We talked about it recently, about Moovit, the free app that provides timely information on public transport in 38 languages. Surprised by impressive numbers reached by the software in a very short time, we had identified, together with Alex Torres (VP ??Global Product Marketing of the company), a particular decisive factor for its success: community crowdsourcing, that is, the active participation of the users themselves who integrate their own maps on the Moovit editing platform.

And indeed here is the announcement not even too surprising: Moovit at the moment the number one application in the world for local public transport, with over 28 million users spread across 700 cities in 58 different countries. Data that beats any other competing app, including Google and Apple's dedicated transport services.

In addition to the free system, crowdsourcing was the essential fuel for this result. According to the company, Moovit manages to map and add to its database a new city every 24 hours. To understand the extent of this growth, only in Italy (one of the most active countries), from 1 million registered on 23 cities in early 2015 came to 2 million users distributed over 37 different locations.

Moovit Infographic

The main contribution to be attributed to the approx 20 thousand active users (in over 100 metropolitan areas in the world) that make up the most important group of editors and provide the most information.


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