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Microsoft, response to the European Commission

Microsoft, response to the European Commission logomacitynet1200wide 1

Microsoft has responded to the European commission on the charge of having abhorred its dominant position in the server sector to illegally drive some competitors out of the competition. The same Redmond company announced it in a statement that made the newspapers know "its position and waiting to open a dialogue with the Commission". No other details on the content of the response were revealed. The European Commission had started an investigation into Microsoft following the complaint by Sun Microsystems; the investigation had then concluded, the Commission itself had announced, that it had the evidence that Microsoft had actually damaged competition. Now, after Redmond's response, Europe will have to decide whether to request further information or make a judgment about it. Not to be excluded that the investigation may be merged with the one already in progress, and started in February, on Windows 2000. In this case the suspicion that Microsoft can use the operating system to further strengthen its dominant position and extend it illegally even on the Internet.

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