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Microsoft launches a new set of logos and icons

Even Windows does not lack a bit of rebranding …

A new set of Microsoft logos has been revealed. In detail a new logo and 100 recently redesigned icons for its flagship operating system, with a new look for the Office package.

Through a post written by Jon Friedman, responsible for the design of Microsoft Office, the technology company has revealed the images of a new Windows logo and a series of redesigned app icons.The images included in the post showed a different Windows logo: the current logo has sharp angles and a single shade of blue for each of its squares. The new logo depicted in Friedman's post has softer, rounded corners and multiple shades of blue.

Even the icons of the redesigned apps in the post have followed the example, with shades of color and rounded edges. There is an emphasis on making even the three-dimensional icons appear. And according to the post, these design features have been emphasized by the feedback of the customers that Microsoft has received.

From mild to savage, we explored a multitude of design directions and listened to customers all over the world. We learned what did not resonate with people (flat design and soft colors) and what they did (depth, gradations, vibrant colors and movement) , who guided our decisions.

New set of Microsoft logos, a real change?

A plan to radically change the Windows icons is not obvious, however. According to Friedman's post, the new design of these icons was strongly influenced by the Microsoft Fluent Design System, that "emphasizes the construction of the family by designing what our customers already understand, not asking them to develop new habits or learn something new".

But although the design changes are slight, there is also a push to create a set ?cohesively"Of app icons for use in Windows. In fact, design changes seem to be Microsoft's attempt to clarify an icon problem"inconsistent", Since the operating system still has"some old icons dating back decades".