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Micromemo XtremeMac: microphone dedicated to iPod nano 2G

Micromemo XtremeMac: microphone dedicated to iPod nano 2G logomacitynet1200wide 1

If Micromemo had been the first microphone designed for iPods with video now XtremeMac presents with the same name a product dedicated to Apple's slim flash players with the same functionality but small size. Micromemo connects to the dock connector on the bottom of the iPod nano 2G and provides a microphone or line level audio input and also provides a microphone (mono) with a flexible stem to allow recording with a minimum of directionality, the microphone can be naturally disconnected and in its place can be installed, using the standard minijack , also a stereo microphone or, thanks to a switch, a high level signal coming from any device such as a recorder, a mixer etc ..

You can record lectures, interviews, conferences in two different qualities that correspond to two compression levels, one suitable for speech and the other in Waw format with Hi-fi quality. The switch on the bottom allows the selection between microphone mode, input of line and headphones (the jack output is in fact read by Micromemo). The silver or black anodized aluminum finish to complement the more widespread 2G iPod nano. The retail price of around 60 Dollars in the USA, similar to the iPod version with video.

In Italy XtremeMac products are distributed by Attiva.

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