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Littlebuddy has hidden himself

Littlebuddy is hidden logomacitynet1200wide 1

Remember the LittleBuddy case? Well, the address, which also Macity had talked about in the previous days, was closed by Apple itself which has seen fit to protect it with a password (if in fact try to connect to one of the addresses previously indicated, you will get the authentication template).

Apple officially continues to deny the existence of the machine but some reliable rumors state that the information that thousands of Mac OS 9 computers spread around the world send to could be part of a project that Apple would not have intended to leave in the version final of its operating system.

It seems that Mac OS 9 sends data to the port in SSL secure HTTP number 443, in XML format, to a WebObjects application in turn based on XML and resident on (By Enrico Querci)

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