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Kwork: convenient online store of freelance services

The freelance labor market has seen an exponential increase with the growing popularity of the gig economy. As more and more professionals are following the freelance path, the independent labor market has evolved to serve the ever-growing community of service buyers and sellers. However, a big problem surrounding the freelance industry is that the popularity of freelance work has given rise to a myriad of non-standardized freelance platforms, which are harmful to both service providers and users. That is why we are always looking for the best freelance services on the market and today we will talk about a new freelance platform that promises to make the services of freelancers pleasant, profitable and effective for all parties involved. The service I'm talking about is called Kwork and in this article we'll take a look at what it offers:

Main features

We will start by taking a look at the main features offered by Kwork as it will help us determine if the service is worth spending time and effort or not:

  • Large catalog of services offered

I always find it difficult to recommend new freelance platforms as initially, they offer only a few services. However, Kwork differentiated itself from the mass by offering a huge catalog of services. Service categories include design, digital marketing, development and IT, writing and translation, audio and video, business and lifestyle. All these categories, in turn, offer dozens of different services, thus covering all the main services. For example, if you are a company, you can develop your web page, create logos and create content, all in Kwork.

  • Benefits for buyers

As a service buyer, I hate freelance websites that use a bidding platform because it makes it more difficult for me to choose the right person for my job. Fortunately, Kwork refrains from this and offers an accurate list of sellers and services that can be ordered using evaluations, recommendations and news. The best part of using Kwork that the seller's page also hosts a demonstration work that makes it really easy to get an idea of ??the kind of output a buyer can expect . Different grading skills along with job ratings, pricing and demos allow buyers to quickly select the vendor they want for my job. If you are a buyer, you will have a very productive time on Kwork compared to most popular freelance platforms on the web.

Since Kwork allows sellers to dictate the price for the services they are offering, sellers do not have to compete with other sellers on prices. Of course, if you are new, you still need some price manipulation, but much better than bidding on hundreds of jobs and keeping track of offers to get an advantage. On Kwork, if you create a professional-looking profile with a quality demonstration work, the works will come to you . So once you've invested time in creating an initial profile, you don't have to waste time betting on projects and you can simply complete the projects you've received. This means that salespeople can spend more time working on jobs and earning money rather than finding new jobs.

If you are a seller, this is the right time to sign up for Kwork. Since the new service, you have a better chance of drawing attention here than any other platform of this type. Kwork is growing fast enough and if you join it right now, you will grow by his side . Making your career as a freelancer is not so easy, so you shouldn't let this opportunity go to waste.

Kwork also offers fraud protection for both buyers and sellers. Once a buyer hires a Kwork seller, the money is paid to Kwork and remains there until the project is completed. The payment of the order is automatically credited to the sellers balance as soon as the buyer confirms the order fulfillment . Kwork applies a 20% flat fee for its services so that the sellers also know the exact amount they receive when they withdraw the money. Kwork has made the payment process very simple and is to the benefit of both buyers and sellers.

User interface and ease of use

Kwork offers a user interface that is easy enough to navigate for both buyers and sellers. As a buyer, your home page shows you a list of popular services and a large search bar that lets you search for the services offered. Buyers can also take a look at the top service category menu if they are unsure of the exact search keywords. Once the right service is found, buyers are presented with a list of sellers that can be ordered using evaluations, recommendations or news. Once a buyer has liked a seller profile, he can order the work directly from his page. The whole process is quite fluid and it takes no more than 15 minutes to find a perfect seller for your job.

When it comes to sellers, they will have to invest time when creating their Kwork page. Create a very simple Kwork page. You just have to add a title and a cover photo, choose the service category your skills belong to, add a description and determine your prices. Take note that sellers can create multiple Kwork pages that offer different services if they wish. Overall, I found that Kwork was rather easy to use and had no problems browsing its user interface . Whether you are a seller or a buyer, Kwork has ensured that you will enjoy using this service.

Prices and availability

Kwork offers a web platform for buyers and sellers. You can register for free on their website and register as a buyer or seller . It doesn't matter which profile you use as you can offer both services and other people from the same account. There is a platform cost of 20% for sellers and different than the platform does not cost money.

You can also use the promocode " Kwork995881 ", which offers users an extra $ 5 in the account balance and the user can spend it in the next 3 days after activating the promocode.


    • Large catalog of services offered
  • No offer involved
  • No hidden costs
  • User interface easy to navigate
  • Fraud protection


  • The seller's dashboard needs some work

Kwork: well done freelance platform

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, if you want a place that takes your head away from freelancers and focuses only on quality jobs, Kwork is definitely a place to visit. Visit their website by clicking on the link below and let us know your experience by writing in the comments section below.

Visit Kwork here