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iTalk Pro: the microphone is ready for iPod Griffin

Many customers iPod hope that Apple will decide, eventually, to integrate a microphone in his iPod, so that you can transform into an effective and convenient tool for storing. The MP3 player of the Apple seems to lend itself naturally as a tool to capture conversations, sounds and whatever else comes from the external environment, given also its enviable lightness and portability.

As anticipated during the Paris Expo, Griffin intends to fill this gap with its iTalk Pro, a dual microphone compatible with second-generation iPod Nano and iPod Video, the latter with software updated to version 1.1.1.

iTalk pro

Viewed from the front, the dell'iTalk Pro line resembles a small iPod Hi-Fi, with two microphones positioned laterally, as if to recall the form of a pair of speakers. At the center, highlighted in a red circle, the product logo.

The accessory fits directly into the main connector of the Apple mp3 player. Besides being able to use the two integrated microphones, the user can also take advantage of his personal microphone (preamplified, if necessary), connecting it directly to the 3.5 mm jack on the bottom of the iTalk Pro.

Griffin promises performance from CD thanks to the stereo at 44.1 kHz audio quality 16-bit (in addition to the still present 8-bit mono at 22 kHz) to WAV format.

Finally iTalk Pro features seamless integration with iTunes, attreverso which recordings are automatically transferred to a playlist automatically created to sort the recorded files.

The Griffin microphone, which will be distributed in Italy by Attiva and American Dataline, further expands the many features of the iPod and compensates for one of the few genetic limitations of Apple mp3 players, waiting for the Cupertino engineers to decide to integrate this additional function as well .