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Italians like iTunes

The number of Internet accesses in Italy is growing, and among our applications that gain more space is our knowledge: iTunes.

The figures for the month of October, revealed by Nielsen-Netratings analysts describe a country increasingly connected to the Internet. Almost 20 million Italians access the network if we also consider web applications such as Msn, eMule and Apple iTunes, which is firmly in first place for the highest growth of unique users (+ 143% in one year, + 13% compared to to the previous month). The most significant figure is the increase in consumption in terms of number of sessions (29 sessions per month, + 4%) and time spent online (over 18 hours and 10 minutes, + 6%). The total amount of time spent by Italian navigators reaches the 18-hour threshold for individual Internet users.

The lion's share is predictably made by search engines (86% of surfers), information sites (62%), entertainment sites (69%) and those aimed at the family sphere (health, wellness, home, hobby , family and lifestyle). News and information sites and the category of financial sites (online banking, finance and insurance) are also growing conspicuously. The big online newspapers such as Republica and the Corriere are growing significantly, but Wikipedia is running, more than the others.

Above all, the extraordinary result of iTunes stands out, confirming Apple's growth trend and its ability to attract more and more interest through its music player.

The data released by Nielsen-Netratings can be found on this page

(Edited by Fabio Bertoglio)