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iPod Classic 'emulated' in the music player Rewound, Apple removes the app from the store

He had attracted the attention of many rewound, application available on the App Store for iOS that replicated the interface of the historic iPod with a circular ring (from the clickwheel to the last model presented in May, water has passed under the bridges). In practice, a virtual version of the ring was shown on the display to move through the library of music tracks, adjust the volume and generally access the device interface.

The music player was at "risk" since its release: in order for Apple not to ban its marketing on the store, the developers had included the iPod Classic interface among the options that can be activated by the user in the form of downloadable skin – therefore not by default – but evidently this was not enough. The nostalgia effect has not affected the hearts of those who app is called to approve them, since a few days later Rewound has been removed from the virtual store and, therefore, it is no longer possible to download it on your Apple smartphone.

The disappointment among the developers is obvious: they accuse the Cupertino company of "have killed"the app, which simply emulated the interfaces of the best known MP3 players of the early 2000s.

The problems would be related to issues of trademark infringement, although the developers themselves ensure that the app was designed precisely to avoid this. In practice, the accusation is threefold:

  • the iPod design has been copied
  • A fee is charged for access to Apple Music features
  • there is a risk that it will be confused for an app developed by Apple

The counter-move was not slow to arrive: one was launched crowdfunding campaign to finance Rewound Web App that, not passing through the App Store, the risk of being banned is not (will) It will be enough to save the link on the home page of your smartphone to return to manage your favorite songs using the iPod (virtual) dial. Also on Android, on which a real app will soon be developed that will be made available on the Play Store.

By the way: who knows if then the 1st generation iPod still boxed and offered for the modest sum of $ 20,000 was then sold.