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Install the Windows Vista Sidebar in XP

If you are among those that continue to use Windows XP (ie most) and appreciate some features of View, you cannot miss this article which gives you the possibility to install the Vista sidebar with all gadgets annexes and with the possibility of adding others directly from Microsoft.

Sidebar + Vista Gadget also on Windows XPSidebar + Vista Gadget also on Windows XP

For the uninitiated, i gadgets they are small applications that are used to monitor the system, read RSS feeds, write postit, keep the weather conditions under control, have your contacts in the foreground, etc.

Let's proceed with the installation and use of the Sidebar:

  • first download Windows Sidebar Pack (by joshoon)
  • exit the archive, enter the folder Alky For Applications and click on Installer.msi (this program allows you to start software written for Vista).

Alky for Applications

  • launched Windows_Sidebar_Installer.exe to install the Vista sidebar version on your Windows XP and using the check (see image) add it to the control panel if necessary.

Windows Vista Sidebar for Windows XP

  • at this point you will have all the predefined Vista gadgets on the right of the desktop. Click on + to add more.
  • If you want to download new ones, in the archive you downloaded, present the Gadget Extractor which allows you to add new gadgets to the sidebar list.

(via deviantart)