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Instagram reaches 400 million users

The Facebook photo app grows fast and surpasses Twitter in the number of subscribers. One in three lives outside the United States


Instagram reaches 400 million users, 100 million more than the 300 million reached only last December. With a blog post, Instagram reports that more than half of the last 100 million subscribers come from Europe and Asia, even though the country with the most new users is Brazil, followed by Japan and Indonesia. And it is interesting to note that over 75% of the people who use the application now live outside the United States.

Meanwhile, Instagram has changed a lot since it was a small photo startup: the format is no longer just square, you can browse the photos on the web and if you are (s) lucky, you can also find advertising. You have to admit that the app still maintained true to the initial promise: to be a platform to tell the world around us every day. And in spite of everything, he is succeeding, also thanks to 80 million photopostate daily and around 3.5 billion Likes per day.


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