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IMac and iBook prices, what to expect?

IMac and iBook prices, what to expect? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Discounts on Cubes, lower price list for PowerBooks and rebate mails also for G4s. So now the bill … the only discounts are iBooks and iMacs. Will there be room for promotions even in this band? Difficult to say to want to listen to the logic the answer could be "no". The impression that Apple at this moment is aiming to soothe the most painful sectors by maneuvering on the machines with greater margin. Hence the discounts and promotions on Pro and Cubic machines. According to considerations that seem, now, to have a foundation then these will be the sectors where we will have the greatest novelties in San Francisco: repositioning (and upgrading hardware) of the Cube, new PowerBooks, G4 with faster processors. And this is another good reason to push the liquidation of the warehouses. If these predictions came true it would be difficult to think that in San Francisco Apple could also launch updates for the iBooks (updated only a couple of months ago) and iMac (which all continue to sell discretely). It would cause a real clogging of products that would cannibalize each other media space and attention from users. It seems more logical, therefore, to believe that for iMacs and iBooks we will have to resign ourselves to current prices for a while longer. Maybe we will see some promotion in the form of bundles, but we don't think about price cuts. Something, perhaps, could happen in a few weeks when the Cupertino company will have a clear idea of ??what is happening or what has happened in stores coinciding with Christmas purchases. At that point it will be close to the new year and in view of the MacWorld Expo in Tokyo. That seems to be the most suitable stage for the launch of the new iMacs and iBooks of the new generation, perhaps based on the UMA 2 motherboard and the PPC 750CX SideWinder. For iBooks this could be a speed bump (already today the low-end laptops use SideWinder), for the iMac from the 500 MHz G3 to the 600 versions of the PPC 750CXe, an advanced version of the chip used by iBooks.

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