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iHome iH36: for those who don't give up their iPod even at the stove

iHome launches the iH36, a compact stereo designed to be placed comfortably in the kitchen, underneath any piece of furniture, almost wanting to trace the old radios of the 70s.

As stated by the manufacturer, the system compatible with every iPod model: just place the Apple MP3 player in the central dock to listen to your favorite songs even in the kitchen.

A peculiar characteristic of this accessory lies precisely in the dock: through a button it is possible to automatically retract the dock inside the system, in order to clutter up as little space as possible, keep the iPod always on charge and offer it additional protection.

Other possibilities offered by the iH36 are the tuning on FM radio channels, a large display display, an integrated kitchen timer that can be set from 1 to 120 minutes, and a convenient radio control to be able to control the system even from a distance.

The sound quality ensured by 6W power speakers and Reson8 technology, which promises a full and complete sound. A back-up battery is also included to save the time setting in the event of a power failure

The advent of the iPod can really be said to have conquered any space of everyday life, from the multimedia lounge to the … kitchens.

The price of: 99.99 Dollars.