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How to update Xiaomi: complete guide

How to update Xiaomi

Xiaomi is one of the leading smartphone companies that is gaining more and more space on international markets, to the point that today it is the fourth producer in the world after Samsung, Huawei and Apple. Even in Italy, Xiaomi gained a good share of the market, but not all users are fully aware of all the features. For example, how to do it update a Xiaomi smartphone when a new version of the operating system is released.

How to update Xiaomi

If you have also purchased an Xiaomi smartphone but do not know how to update it, do not worry, because in the following guide you will find all the necessary information. You can find out how updates on MIUI (the official Xiaomi ROM) work and how to update Xiaomi using the automatic procedure and the manual procedure.

To enjoy all the new features of the latest version of the MIUI operating system on your Xiaomi smartphone, you need to know the various procedures to install them and these are sometimes not always automatic. To make them so, you need to configure your phone from the Settings so that updates can be installed automatically. In this guide we will not talk about modified ROMs, but only procedures to install official ROMs. Read on to find out more.

MIUI update frequency

Before proceeding with the guide, it is important to know how the device updates take place and what are the sources from which they come. For Xiaomi smartphones, two update channels are adopted for all supported ROMs:

  • stable: the stable branch of MIUI, which receives occasional updates
  • Beta: the unstable branch of MIUI, which receives updates more frequently

If you are not getting updates on your Xiaomi smartphone for some time it could be due to the chosen development branch or preset. You can check which development branch your device supports by checking the entry MIUI version present in the menu Settings -> About phone.

MIUI Version Control

Automatic Xiaomi update

All Xiaomi smartphones are able to update automatically as soon as they are connected under WiFi, plus the update is automatically performed at night, so as not to disturb the user with annoying updates during the course of the day.

To activate the automatic update on Xiaomi smartphones, simply open the app Updaterthat you find in the App section on the Home. Or you can go to the menu Settings-> About phone -> System updates.

App Updater to update Xiaomi

Once you open this menu (you can get there in both ways described) you tap on the three dots on the top right, then click on the item Automatic updates.

Xiaomi automatic updates

A new window will open, where you can activate both entries Download automatically is Install automatically.

Download Xiaomi update automatically

Now you can feel comfortable, because from now on it will be the system that checks for updates and will automatically download and install them on the device when it is connected via WiFi and during off-peak hours.

Manual Xiaomi update check

Did you find out about a recent update but don't see it installed on your device? Are you afraid you missed an update for your Xiaomi, despite the automatic update? To see how to update your Xiaomi device and force the search for updates, just take yourself to the Updater on menu app Settings-> About phone -> System updates;if you do not see available updates you can tap on the three dots on the top right and use the item Download update.

Download Xiaomi update

Xiaomi manual update

Updates are usually not immediately available for all devices, it could take months before a device can be officially released. If you want to force your Xiaomi smartphone to update without waiting for the OTA, you can download the update package and install it manually. This will allow you to have the latest version of the ROM immediately and before the official release.

To update Xiaomi you must first download the right update for your smartphone model (in ZIP format) from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Xiaomi Updates

Once you have retrieved the update and downloaded it, just move the file to the device's internal memory, then go to the app Updater on the menu Settings-> About phone -> System updates.In the now familiar screen, tap on the three dots on the top right and use the item Choose the upgrade package.

Choose the Xiaomi update package

Select the previously downloaded ZIP package and start updating your Xiaomi smartphone. This is an automated procedure integrated into the system, different from the Android update mode, which requires flashing the ROM through a Recovery.

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