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How to take good pictures with your smartphone

Do you love taking pictures with your mobile phone? Are you a photography enthusiast and do you have a smartphone with a good camera? Then you've come to the right place. In this guide, in fact, I will show you how to take good pictures with spectacular results with your smartphone. Finally you can put aside that bulky camera you have! In your travels, just bring the latest generation smartphone with you, because it has all the potential to return high-impact photos.

If you don't believe this can be true, read on to find out how to get the most out of your smartphone's camera to get photos that will amaze you with its sharpness and resolution.

7 simple tricks to take good pictures with your smartphone

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<p>In recent years, smartphone cameras have improved considerably. To get good photos, however, it is very important to know how to use them at best. If the photos you take with your smartphone do not convince you, very likely, then, that you are doing something wrong during use. Don't worry, you just need to follow these simple tricks to be able to take spectacular photos with your smartphone.</p>
<h3><span class=Check the camera application on your smartphone

First of all, it is important to be able to understand if your smartphone has installed a good application for the camera by default, so as to know whether you are able to perform certain operations or not. If the camera app installed on your phone doesn't convince you, there are many viable alternatives on the Android Store. Among these, the most important areFootejCamera, Candy Camera (useful especially for selfies), orOpen Camera.

Check when to use Flash

Very often the flash can ruin what would otherwise have been a beautiful photo. always useful, therefore, to keep the automatic flash off, so that you can set it manually only in those circumstances in which it might actually be useful.

however it is important to always do several tests, taking first the flash photos and then others without, so you can make a comparison and figure out which one actually came out better.

Use the grid and the Rule of thirds

take spectacular photos with your smartphone

Many snub it, yet it always turns out to be very useful. The grid allows you to divide the camera viewfinder into nine sections, so you can better frame the objects or people you want to shoot.

Thanks to the grill, you can avoid taking crooked photos and use the so-called "Third party rule?, Thanks to which you will be able to get photos of great visual impact by positioning the subject of the shot at the intersection points of the lines.

So, for example, if you need to photograph a person, do not place it in the center of the image but on one of the vertical lines. positioned on the upper horizontal line.

Play with the HDR

take good pictures

The HDR mode combines multiple exposures into a single photo, in order to get a more detailed image in shadows and bright parts. This mode is very useful forlandscapes with bright skies and rich shadows.

Taking advantage of this option you could get really beautiful and special photos, with details that you wouldn't be able to shoot without.

Use the manual mode and adjust the ISO

Often it is necessary to switch to manual mode to be able to take photos in certain lighting conditions. In this mode, in fact, you canset theISO of the image in order to shoot scenes in particular lighting conditions.A lower ISO setting better during the day, while the higher is better in darker situations.

Careful about how you use ISO. A very high setting may cause ?noise? in the image, where the image will appear disturbed as if there were dots.

Often, in poor light conditions, the ideal choice is to set an average ISO and then improve the brightness with photo editing programs.

Add a couple of diagonal lines

take beautiful pictures
Diagonal lines can really help make a picture better. The human eye, when it finds a diagonal line in a photo, tends to follow it. In particular, the diagonal lines most naturally followed are those that extend from a lower left point to a upper right point of a photo. To introduce diagonal lines in your photo, it is important to look carefully at the scene you want to shoot. You can use a road, buildings or trees to get diagonal lines that start from the bottom up. It may be useful to rotate the smartphone or take advantage of the perspective.

Remember to clean the lens

It may seem trivial, but it is very important to keep the lens of your camera always clean before taking a picture. The advice, to always have at hand a soft microfibre cloth to use to clean the lens before any important photo.

You might be surprised how much a photo of a landscape taken with a clean lens can improve.

After seeing how to take good pictures with your smartphone, you can create movies for a professional presentation of the images. Read this guide to find out how.