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How to share and download PSN games for free!

The playstation network allows us to perform paid download or private and reserved for a select few who have received a code for Beta versions via email of some game or application (see Playstation Home, Killzone2).What many do not know, which is given the chance to re-download the content multiple times to avoid having to repay or lose the download after formatting. Let's see how to take advantage of this feature to our advantage to exchange downloads of legally purchased games with other people 🙂


Almost all the games can be shared with 4 other people and on some titles this feature does not work (warhawk, GT5 prologue); I also don't know how legal it is to do this, so take your risks.

1 – We find a friend of ours who bought a PSN game (eg Wipeout, Burnout Paradise) and ask him to change his PSN password temporarily.

2 – Let us give the access data (email + password just changed) and we create a new profile with any name on our PS3 console.

3 – Connect to the Playstation Network and choose to use the data of an existing account for access. At this point we insert the data of our friend (email + password just changed).

4 – For the system, we are our friend, so let's download the game that was purchased for free on our console 🙂

5 – Once the download is finished, we delete the profile created, and we tell our friend to reset the password he had changed for us, so as to bring everything back to its original state. Now we can play with the content downloaded for free on our console and on our profile.


This method works and you can use it to exchange downloads. The advice to do so only with your friends and avoiding for example announcements on ebay or on forums. Once in possession of the password (for this suggestion to put a temporary one) you have the possibility to have access to all the data and you can make purchases with the registered credit card! Avoid using this procedure with people you don't know … their intent could be to get hold of the PSN account!