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How to enable the new WhatsApp status feature on Android

Update : WhatsApp has now implemented the new "Status" function for all Android and iPhone users. The new feature comes as a server update, so you don't even need to update the app. Bring a new "Status" tab between your chats and your calls. In the Status tab, you can see all status updates, along with a button to publish yours. almost identical to the stories of Instagram, which was itself a rip off of Snapchat Stories. Like Snapchat stories, you can add emojis to your states, texts and even doodle.

WhatsApp has published some seriously interesting updates in recent months. Most features are functional clones of other apps like Snapchat. Apparently, after failed attempts to acquire Snapchat, Facebook's parent company is trying to beat Snapchat in its own game. After introducing the image editing features, similar to Snapchat, WhatsApp is preparing to release a new feature called "Status" and not the Status feature we're used to, a new feature similar to that offered by Snapchat with Stories, which Instagram has copied too much with the same moniker "Stories". So, yes, Facebook in vogue when it comes to stealing Snapchat features.

This new status feature is not yet available for the stable or beta version, but if you have a rooted Android device, you can easily enable this feature on your phone. Well, here are the steps to enable the new WhatsApp status feature in Android:

How to get the WhatsApp status function


  • Android root device
  • Beta version of WhatsApp 2.16.336 and later.

To make this feature work on your device, you must first log in to the WhatsApp beta program. You can enter the WhatsApp beta test program here. Or you can grab it on APKMirror.

To enable this feature, we will use an app called WA Tweaks . Since this function is not yet available for the public beta, we will have to enter the specific code and the WA Tweaks app will do it for us.

Well, before making changes, I would like you to back up your chats and WhatsApp data on Google Drive. Since we are modifying the WhatsApp database on your phone, you may lose your data if something goes wrong. In fact, I would suggest that you back up the application using Titanium Backup.

Once finished, follow the steps below:

1. Download and install the APK for the latest version of WA Tweaks.

2. Open the app and first controller if you have root access. Tap on grant when asked to provide root access.

3. Now, we just need to enable some options to make the Status function work. First of all, activate " Skills new home user interface "option.

4. Then, open the drawer from the left and tap "Extra" . Here, necessary tap "Inject WhatsApp Status Chat" .

Now, you should open WhatsApp and see if it worked. If not, you should try again. Will work after a few attempts. If you want to go back to the usual WhatsApp interface, just disable the options in WA Tweaks.

A quick look at the WhatsApp status function

The new features added to WhatsApp have been really devalued and since the new Status function is not even part of the beta build, it is not surprising that it is rather buggy. However, let's see how the new state of WhatsApp works.

First, the user interface has some changes. The tabs on the main page now have a "Status" tab . Also, you'll see a camera icon aligned with the tabs in the left corner.

In my opinion, it looks rather strange with the camera icon aligned with the tabs. However, it could change when it becomes public. Subsequently, arriving at Status tab .

In the Status tab, your status will be named as My Status. You can create a new status by tapping the Status icon in the upper right corner. Creating a state similar to sharing a photo has the same user interface as when editing photos on WhatsApp.

After creating your status, you can select who you want to share your status with. You can send it as a photo to specific groups or contacts or select My status at the top to share it as a status. You have full control over who can see your status in the recipients page of the state . You can set it by touching the settings icon when sending to activity. you can exclude contacts if those you don't want to see your state are few or you can select specific contacts if those you want to show your status are few. However, it cannot be set each time for each state.

The state works the same way as Instagram stories. They add up to the current state and you can also check who has viewed your status.

Well, since it is still under development, it would be unfair to compare it with other apps. So, let's wait until we get it in the public beta version.

Do you like the new WhatsApp status feature?

In recent months, we have seen many fantastic features introduced in WhatsApp. With video calls already in beta and the new status function already in development, it will be an explosion for all WhatsApp users. While it is possible to enable this feature only on rooted devices, we can expect it to arrive early in the WhatsApp beta build. Well, all on our side, let us know what you think of this new status function. Also, if you have questions about enabling the feature, mention in the comments section below.