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How to detect the speed limit on Google Maps

detect the speed limit on Google Maps

Google Maps known for its complete functionality and ease of use for those who travel by car or on foot. Not only can you find directions to a faraway place, but you'll also find restaurants and parking lots nearby without spending a penny. an app full of features, in fact. However, it is not known for what reason, this app does not yet include a necessary functionality for motorists, which allows to view the speed limits on Google Maps.

How to detect the speed limit on Google Maps

Unlike the Waze app which has an integrated speed limit control feature, the Google Maps app has yet to get this update. This is strange since the same functionality has already been introduced also on Android Auto. Therefore, in situations where this function is required, it is better to rely on third-party apps that allow you to enable the speed limit on Google Maps. Not an official solution, but it fills the grave limit of one of the best free navigators.

If you are curious about the apps that will allow you to view the speed limits on Google Maps, the best app for Android devices certainlyVelociraptor. No, we're not talking about the good old dinosaur, but an app that integrates perfectly with Google Maps.

Velociraptor to control speed limits


The Velociraptor app displays not only the speed limit but also the current vehicle speed. This function is manifested by a small floating window that is automatically enabled when Google Maps is started. The app uses the Google Material Design which gives the app a clean look.

Velociraptor a free application that allows you to get data on speed limits from third-party sources such as OpenStreetMap is Tom Tom. If enabled, it warns you discreetly when you exceed the speed limit for that particular road. You can download the app from the Play Store from this link:

DOWNLOAD |Velociraptor

Velociraptor, to work properly, needs some Android permissions, such as access to Localization and Accessibility services. Although Velociraptor covers almost all the major roads and highways, it does not cover them completely. In some areas, the speedometer could return to zero or see it empty when the app does not have the necessary data from the sources.

To enable this app, all you need to do is grant the necessary permissions and the floating window is displayed on the Google Maps home.

Velociraptor speed limits

In addition, it is possible to customize the speed units, the speed tolerance and choose to remove the sound warning.Velociraptor also without advertising. But due to some unknown reasons, the Velociraptor sound alert does not seem to work on Samsung phones.

Alternative apps aVelociraptor

To be honest, it was quite difficult to find an alternative to Velociraptor that worked perfectly with Google Maps. In fact, no app can compete with the automatic speed limit functions of this app.

However, if you want to try an alternative to Velociraptor, you can check on the Play Store and you'll see that no one else works like this. You can dream of finding an app that automatically tells you the speed limit of a road. At the limit you have to enter them manually and the app will issue an alarm as soon as you exceed the set speed threshold. This is also the characteristic of this alternative app aVelociraptor.

The app Speed ??Alarm a good starting point. However, before using it, I tell you right away that the app has a rather dated interface. But it does its job well. You can download it on the Play Store from the following link:

DOWNLOAD |Speed ??Alarm

Speed ??Alarm

All you need to do is manually set the speed limit of the road you're driving or the speed you don't want to go past and tap Start. The app will monitor the speed of your vehicle using GPS and sound an alarm as soon as you exceed the default limit.

Most functions such as distance, display type, temperature and date and time format can be customized. As I said above, only a few apps can compete with Velociraptor and this is no exception. In a nutshell, better not to give too high hopes to this app.

Do not violate the speed limit

These are some methods to not exceed the speed limit with Google Maps. If it's too complicated for you, you can switch between Google Maps and Waze. I will lack the clean interface (and a couple of features), but in return you will have the useful function to check the speed limit on your maps.

What is the best option for you? For me, the most balanced solution is the one between Velociraptor and Google Maps and from time to time we raise our eyes to check the real speed signals. Human control is always necessary.

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