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Here's what the 85 iOS apps are, and how to protect the iPhone

Here is the list of apps infected by the first malware found on the App Store: if you have downloaded one, here's how to defend yourself

(Photo: Getty Images)(Photo: Getty Images)

The first virus that infected iOS has made headlines. Apple immediately announced its awareness of the problem, then announced that it had removed the infected apps from the App Store and was working with the developers to restore the correctness of the Xcode code, the offending one.

Remember that malware has the ability to obtain personal passwords and other sensitive data, by creating fake alerts with consequent request for personal information. And these are not niche apps: among those infected there are Angry Birds 2, WeChat (from which the malware seems to have originated) and the Cam Card card reader.

In the meantime there are some tricks to put into practice to avoid problems with your Apple devices. There is no official release of Cupertinos on the subject, but Palo Alto Networks (the company that scanned the virus) and Lookout have issued their suggestions on how to protect themselves.

The key thing to make sure that all the apps (or at least the infected ones you find the list below) are up to date: developers of sick apps have released new malware-free versions.

Secondly well be wary of information requests that come from alerts and pop-ups: if you open a dialog box, do not provide passwords or logins to anyone for any reason.

Third precaution:change the password of your Apple account. And check the emails with requests for information that you could find in the mail. To be even safer, a good rule is to enable two-element authentication.

And here the list of 85 malware-infected apps: Air2AmHexinForPadAngry Birds 2babaBiaoQingBaoCamCardCamScannerCamScanner LiteCamScanner procard SafeChina Unicom Mobile OfficeChinaUnicom3.xCITIC Bank move card spaceCSMBP-AppStoreCuteCUTDataMonitorDidi ChuxingEyes WideFlappyCircleFlushFreedom Battlegolfsensegolfsensehdguaji_gangtai enGuitar MasterHigh German mapHimalayanHot stock Marketi called MTI-called MT 2IFlyTek inputIHexinimmtdchsInstaFollowerinstalleriOBD2iVMS 4500Jane bookjinLazy weekendLifesmartMara MaraMarital bedMedicine to forceMercuryMicro ChannelMicroblogging cameraMobileTicketMoreLikers2MSL070MSL108Musical.lyNetEasenice devOPlayerOPlayer LitePDFReaderPDFReader FreePerfect365Pocket billingPocketScannerPoor tourQuick asked the doctorQuick SaveQYERRailway 12306 SaveSnapSegmentFaultsnapgrab copyStocks open classSuperJewelsQuest2Telephone attribution assistantThe driver dropsThe KitchenThree new boardtingTinyDeal.comWallpapers10000Watercress readingWeChatWeLoopWhiteTileWinZipWinZip SectorWinZip Standard


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