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Google Wallet, new app on the Play Store

Completely renewed interface and easier handling of peer-to-peer payments. Here's how the new Wallet prepares for the near launch of Android Pay

(Photo: Google Wallet)(Photo: Google Wallet)

Pending the launch of Android Pay, Google has decided to rejuvenate Wallet. No updates to download, but directly a new version of the app with renewed interface, now available on Play Store.

While Android Pay was designed more for customer-to-seller purchases, Wallet will remain the primary payment platform to be used for transactions peer to peer, therefore for withdrawals and money transactions between users. In this way the Mountain View giant manages to make sure that one application does not render the other superfluous, since they will carry out different functions, and therefore can be flanked.

Performing operations with Wallet will continue to be less immediate (but safer?) Compared to Android Pay: it will always be necessary to start the app and type the pin every time, unlike the payment system, which will arrive already installed in the operating system and render more automatic every purchase thanks to the system tap-to-pay.

Obviously, even the new version of Wallet remains aexclusive right of users residing in the USA.


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