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Google I / O 2014 all the news: Android Wear, Android L and Auto Link

Smartwatches with Android Wear, the new Android L operating system, Google Auto Link: there are many news presented at Google I / O 2014, here they are.

Twitter: @IlTestardoBlog

Twitter: @IlTestardoBlog

There is a bit of everything in the very rich, a menu that Google has prepared for its classic two-day rendez-vous with about 6 thousand developers. From the stage of the Moscone Center in San Francisco the various executives of BigG did not substantially betray the expectations of the eve; in fact, the Google I / O opens in the name of Android L and ofAndroid Wear, the operating system that Google had shown us eluded some months ago. Finally, Google has now wanted to explore this new ecosystem and how it will work. Let's see the highlights together.


Sundar Pichai immediately announces the new version of Android, Android L, a preview for developers. then Matias Duarte to guide us through the news: the goal is a consistent vision between mobile and web. The concept behind the Material Design: the rumors were correct, and we immediately see a great job at the typography, the colors and the shapes of the screens of the new Android version.

The interface as if it were three-dimensional: the developers can also indicate the Z coordinate in the space to position the elements, and the Android engine will render everything without difficulty, with correct shadows and the rest. New guidelines for the design of the app will obviously also arrive, which will adapt without difficulty, it does not make any difference in the size of the screen. The fontRoboto has been updated and improved, and the system animations have been completely revised and are now richer and of higher quality, and apply perfectly between Android UI and its apps.

All of this is an improvement of Polymer, an interface designed for the web that allows the use of the same principle of Material Design even on the internetper mobile, starting obviously from the same pages as Google, with animated and fluid searches. Developers will find the new guidelines on

Then takes the word Dave Burke to explain altrenovit of Android L. Let's remember that a conference for developers, and many of them are just designed for them so we talk about APIs and more. We can see new paradigms of Android L thanks to a preview of the telephone dialer, which is now completely animated and colorful, with really pleasant shadow effects. Also new for system notifications: first, they will be accessible directly from the lockscreen, saving time for the user. Android will be able to prioritize notifications a missed call will have a different role than a Cally Crush invitation. Heads Up notifications: they will appear at the top of the screen, without interrupting the user's activity but allowing them to interact with them thanks to buttons on them .


The center of Google's user experiences is the smartphone, and is abundantly reiterated; but, underlining the incredible number of times a user activates his smartphone during the day, the challenge is to offer new ways of interacting with information in every situation.


Google knows that with the advent of wearable devices there will be a lot of attention to the choice of design, since it is a tool that we will literally wear. This is why Android Wear fully supports devices with square or circular displays, just like theMotorola Moto 360.

Google Now

Google currently has one of the best systems for local recognition and for this reason it has thought well that every deviceAndroid Wear will be completely automated. In addition to interacting with our hands, everything will be controllable via Google Now, simply by saying what we want to do.

The Quadrants

Holding down the clock widget will allow you to change the dial and the effects. Here too we find the new Design Material introduced with Android L.


The notifications and notes that we will take with Keep will be synchronized with every Android and Google Chrome device also thanks to the new pop-up notifications introduced by the new Android release.


Having a small display and lots of information can become a real problem. How to understand when to show a certain notification and in what order? google has worked hard to put a contextualization experience that was as natural as possible. For thisAndroid Wear will show contextual notifications just like it does today on Google Now, obviously optimizing the cards and the information shown so that they are as simple as possible.


Until now, developers have been given a small amount of material to start developing and becoming familiar with Android Wear. This only included notifications and other small news at the UI level.

Google has finally announced during Google I / O 2014 the arrival of new SDKs and APIs for developers that will allow them to have full control of devices equipped with Android Wear. During the conference it was shown how it will be possible to order a pizza at home and pay via PayPal. This is now possible thanks to the new APIs that will allow developers to talk to Google Play Services.

The first devices

There are confirmed 3 Android Wear devices at launch. These are:

  • LG G Watch Available this evening in the Play Store
  • Samsung Live Gear Available tonight in the Play store
  • Motorola Moto 360 available in late summer. the first with a circular display.

Google Auto Link, the answer to Apple's CarPlay

According to Google researchers, the average car waiting time for its users is about an hour a day. The idea is to make this waiting time more pleasant also from the point of view of the mobile experience:

Auto Link expected to debut as a multimedia platform, powered by Nvidia processors, in which will be provided and made available, through an Android smartphone (which will act as a real operating brain of the system), parking assistance and driving services, anti-collision systems and obviously much infotainment. In the future, say the well-informed, the platform will increase the number of tools available to the driver and passengers, starting with the advanced interaction, not just vocal, with the dashboard and the car controls. In short, the new interface between on-board computer and Android galaxy will enable access, via the touchscreen screen located in the central console that replicates the smartphone's controls in an optimized form, to a series of information on the health of the car and gradually a series of increasingly advanced infotainment functions. All in the name of high safety standards, guaranteed by the navigability of the system, it promises to be intuitive, easy to use and designed to reduce the possibility of distraction for the driver to a minimum. Auto Link will be tested, this is what the latest rumors say, already in the next few days (of Audi the first pilot car?) While its commercial availability expected for the end of 2014.

Android TV

Google has actually announced the arrival of the first TVs with Android TV on board for 2015, also announcing the commercial partners and therefore imitators of the sports magazines will be able to boast the new version of the green robot: Sony, Sharp, TP Vision Phillips. Two partners have also been announced that will launch the first TV boxes equipped with Android TV to connect to any TV: ASUSeRazer. The latter therefore bodes well also for the gaming sector. In addition, Big G said it was also working withQualcomm, NVIDIA, InteleBroadcom for the release of the new version of Android. The launch of a preview TV box for the developers, driven by the NVIDIA Tegra 4 SoC, the same box used for the presentation, is already scheduled for today.

During the conference lalinearit was underlined, and therefore also the simplicity of use, of the Android TV interface, also controllable with the app for Android that will be launched on Google Play or even through glismartwatch. Even the latogaming was the protagonist of the scene during the presentation of the new version of the green robot, showing how, between films and TV series, there is room for hygiene more and more protagonists of the mobile world (3 users out of 4, from what reported, play with their device Android). Android TV supporterGoogle Play Games (of course) and allow you to play inmultiplayer. Here are some screenshots of the presentation that show us the interface and all the business partners involved.

Google Fit

Google also launches the Google Fit preview, a new platform to track health information from wearable apps and devices, all supported by a single set of APIs. Many partners are already in the ecosystem, including their bracelets and apps, such as Nike +.

Play Games

Updates also to the Google gaming platform. First, the profiles for the players, with their favorites and more will be available. Game saves will be uploadable to the cloud and accessible from multiple devices at the same time, while the Quests are unlockable targets at certain times or conditions chosen by the developer.

The Google I / O 2014 was an event full of news, mainly oriented to the extension of Android within new categories. In a reality where Google tends to be more and more present in our habits, we find a repercussion on Android, OS that reaches wearable devices, cars and TV.

Google arrived on our wrists, in our living rooms and in our cars. The power that the Mountain View company is proposing to increase, dramatically, already starting this summer; only the weather will tell us what the fruits will be.