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From MKV to DVD! Guide to convert in simple steps …

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Here's a quick and easy way to convert a video file from MKV to DVD with simple programs, the final processing process should last about 3 to 7 hours, depending on the processor power but the results are excellent !!! Remember to check if you have at least 10-15 Gb free of conversion!

First of all, it is necessary to clarify exactly what it is!

MKV file

They are containers of Audio and Video files, that is to say they contain a video file, which can be a divx, xvid or the most used video file H264 (avc), an audio file usually a file in DTS or AC3, and many sometimes there are also subtitles in various languages ??!!!

THE mkv file They are NOT an audio or video compression format (video codec) I mkv file they are nothing more than a container that can contain many audio, video and subtitle streams, allowing the user to record an entire movie or CD or DVD in a single file.

Let's move on to conversion

The programs used are

Click on the name of the program to download

Let's install Mediainfo first and open the mkv file to check its features! Check a parameter well, that is the audio stream!If it is DTS instead of Ac3 convert the audio track first, thanks to this other guide: Convert DTS to Ac3 from Mkvaltrimenti proceed below: Install the programs, and proceed first with FAVC!

from dvd to mkv

1) In the Source Video Files Window, by clicking on the icon with the lens we load the files to convert!2) In Destination DVD Folder We select the folder in which to have the converted files, and we put No to Iso Creation and Open ImgBurn.3) Temporary Files Folder we leave it as! Dvd Format On Pal and Working Files On Delete!4) Disk Capacity we select 4,37Gb if we want to get a conversion for Dvd single layer or 7.95Gb for Dvd Dual Layer! We leave Chapter LEnght on 5, Men on Yes if we want a DVD to appear before the DVD plays, to choose more titles, Encoder on Hc, and Shutdown on No!

Let's move on to the DVD Options Screenfrom dvd to mkv

5) On Heading We write the title we want to appear on the main screen of the DVD menu and in the various titles we write the titles of the various files we have converted, again if we have converted more than one and put them on the same DVD!6) In Background Men Image we are going to select an image file that will appear as a background in the menu!

Let's move on to the HC Options screen.from dvd to mkv

7) Below are Optimized Presets, which will allow fast or high quality coding depending on the option chosen! Advice for those who have time to set up Quality, it will take a certain number of hours depending on the processor (about 7 hours with an amd 3 Ghz 64bit, and 3:20 hours with an intel pentium core 2 e2160) but the results will be noticed! However the computer remains usable!from dvd to mkv8) We just have to click on Generate Dvd, you will immediately open a Dos Prompt and wait for the progress to reach 100% (it takes a maximum of 3 minutes) and wait a few hours! Once the result is finished we will have a folder with our result inside, ie an Audio_Ts folder and a Video_ts folder, all we have to do now is burn it with ImgBurn!

9) Open ImageBurn, and select Write file / folders to disc, immediately insert the DVD so that the program recognizes the presence of the support, and in the Men "Mode" we select Build.

10) In the main screen where we indicate the source by pressing the folder and lens icon, we load the folder containing the Audio and Video Ts folders.11) At the bottom under Test Mode click on the icon just below and select if you have more recorders, the burner to use!12) In the Labels menu at the end of the entry ISO9660 and UDF insert the title of the DVD.13) Now all we have to do is click on the big icon with the Green Arrow Folder and the Disc, to start burning, and the game done!

Some have reported a conversion problem, for some films it works and for others not, in this case the problem most likely due to the absence of some codecs, if you encounter any problems download these Codecs.

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