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Flow, the app to browse Instagram photos arrives on iPhone

The iPad app has been adapted to the iPhone screens: it allows you to manage multiple accounts and scroll through handfuls of photos in a single screen

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Flow an app born two years ago that allows you to use Instagram on the iPad. Without it being clear why, in fact, Instagram does not have a version for iPad and those who wanted to browse through the photos of their feed had to download the iPhone version and enlarge their view. The result, of course, was not the best.

Thus, two years ago Flow for Instagram made up for this lack by creating an app that allows you to do everything that Instagram does, but without the ability to upload photos. This is the only flaw, which will probably never be corrected.

However, now Flow is also available for iPhone and therefore the question arises: why should I ever use a third-party app and not the native one? Definitely an advantage to have many more photos on a single screen than you can see on Instagram. On iPhone 6 you can see 24 photos well and 4 more are just cut. You can also change the view setting and reduce the number of previews by choosing the largest format.

There display grid variable also applies to other parts of the app such as search by hashtag or by users. Another interesting function is the bookmark: with a star you can mark and then easily find profiles, hashatags and places in the special section of saved elements. Very convenient, if you want to keep an eye on a certain content for a certain period. With a simple tap, you can then open Instagram to interact with the personal profile or photo you are viewing.

There is also a paid version of Flow (2.99 euros) available other additional features like an extended feed, the possibility of having the theme clear or dark, saving photos and videos on the roll and an unlimited number of bookmarks. Finally the icing on the cake: multiple accounts. Exactly, that very function that we would all like on Instagram. The paid version of Flow allows you to enter multiple accounts and switch between them without having to enter login and password each time. Plus, at the moment no advertising appears on Flow: not a small thing.

Now let's move on to the cons. As mentioned, it is not possible to upload photos: perhaps the main function and therefore Instragram does not grant the APIa any third party. The less developed research of the current one on the native app: on Flow I can only search between users and hashtags, while on Instagram I also recently have two other options, places and main ones. You cannot follow the activities of the people you follow, ie see which photos they put Like, who followed or commented. The whole of the DM does not exist,direct messages between users, a feature recently improved by Instagram with the ability to send the photos that pass under our eyes in the feed. Finally Flow does not yet support the new horizontal and vertical formats: in those cases, in the preview will be added white bands above and below or to the sides.

Personally, I never use third-party apps, although in some cases there may be advantages. Flow one of the few apps that actually offers itself as a viable alternative, especially if you like to more browse the photos of others than upload your own.


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