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FireWire Utility

Utility for FireWire logomacitynet1200wide 1

Although FireWire hard disks are the very first peripherals that have appeared with this standard, utility software capable of managing them at their best are always in short supply, even the few traditional packages have implemented a very bland support for this new standard. Now it helps us Heat Utility, a package capable of formatting, partitioning and optimizing our firewire disks, often achieving higher performance than those obtainable using the drivers supplied as standard. The package, in fact, takes care of installing the proprietary drivers that replace the standard ones by improving them. The application in beta and downloadable directly from the manufacturer's website, the only condition required is the filling of a card with its own data personal; unfortunately this afternoon the server was not working properly and we could not test the software, in any case the precautions to be taken when working with beta packages are valid: make a backup of important data and not use the software for critical or professional applications.

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