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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions for Software Modification on Wii

Given the success that the original guide has had over 1300 comments / questions and over 130,000 visitors, I have gathered the most frequently asked questions about Software Modification on Wii in this post. Obviously if you have other questions and for any clarification write in the comments. The FAQs will be updated periodically.

Faq Frequently Asked Questions Wii

Follow the instructions at your own risk! The author and the staff are not responsible for any damage caused by following the information contained herein.

last update : 12/01/09

Complete list of questions:

  1. Zelda TP indispensable or can I use some other game?
  2. Is there any risk in making the software modification?
  3. How do I find the firmware version of my Wii console?
  4. I'm confused; I have the X firmware which guide should I follow?
  5. Does the SD card have to remain inside the console after following the tutorial?
  6. Error 324: there is no way to make the backup DVD go!
  7. I try to use the cIOS Installer but it stops and nothing happens by pressing A
  8. What is a 1: 1 copy?
  9. The Wii Shop channel keeps asking me for an update, how do I do it?
  10. I can't install any WAD!
  11. The Downgrader IOS returns errors at the end, what should I do?
  12. I have version 3.3E / 3.4E should I make a downgrade?
  13. With my backups, I always have the black screen, what should I do?
  14. I have the console with less than 3.2E firmware, how do I update to 3.2E?
  15. I have the console with firmware less than 3.1, do I need to update the console for software modification?
  16. I ran the IOS Downgrader but I still have version 3.3E / 3.4E! how is it possible?
  17. I want to bring my Wii console from firmware 3.3E / 3.4E to 3.2E, what should I do?
  18. Can I prevent Nintendo from making updates on the console?
  19. I have the original game, how can I make a backup?

1) It is essential, the Twilight Hack (the name not a case), requires the original copy of Zelda Twilight Princess for Wii. There are no (or not made public) exploits for other games.

2) For now, no one has encountered problems. We strongly recommend that you do not perform firmware upgrades when they become available and follow the blog for more information.

3) The console firmware version written at the top right of the Wii settings menu. Watch this video on YouTube to see where it is (thanks mishel).

4) The reference point is always the guide to follow step by step -> Modify Software on Wii.

If you have firmware 3.3E and 3.4E at some point in the guide you will be required to follow a post to downgrade the IOS.

5) S, as conceived the guide for software modification. You have to keep the SD card because the HomeBrew Channel uses the one for the list of programs to start (ie those in the apps folder).

6) Read point 7 of the Software Modification guide on Wii.

If you dumped the ISO from an original game, check the question: "Do I have the original game, how can I make a backup?"

If you have version 3.3E or 3.4E you must make all the past described in Update to version 3.3E or 3.4E without errors.

7) Remove all gamecube and joypad memory cards with the wire. You only have to use the WiiMote for installation. NB the SD card must remain inside the console!

8) It is a copy of the DVD exactly the same as the original with the same dimensions in terms of MB and content. The contents of the DVD are not changed and the ISO is not decrypted.

9) Download the tona Installer. Unzip the file and move the InstallShopIOS51 folder to the apps folder on the SD card. Start the Homebrew Channel and start the program. Answer "Yes" to both questions. The IOS51 and WiiShop will be installed by downloading them from official Nintendo servers. Internet connection is required.Important Remove all gamecube memory cards, USB devices or joypads connected with the wire. Use only the WiiMote for installation. The installer updates always to the latest version of the WiiShop IOS51 (also in the future, so be careful).

10) If you have version 3.3E or 3.4E you must use the IOS Downgrader as explained in the Addendum to 3.3E or 3.4E guide

11) Check the internet connection and try again until the IOS Downgrader gives no error.

12) Only with the 3.4E version, Nintendo will be able (but not saying that) to update the Wii firmware. I personally think that there will be no update without explicit user confirmation. The reason why you could downgrade is called Starfall and a program with different functions that can only be used with version 3.2E (stay tuned for a future post, perhaps by subscribing to rss feeds).

13) Probably your backup copy of a different region. Use the Force PAL or Force NTSC options to load backups from a different region than the console.

14) If you want to upgrade to version 3.2E you can get an original game that contains the update. For example Mario Kart Wii or Wii Fit and upgrade from the game.

15) No, you can very well follow the Wii Software Editing guide without further steps.

16) The program only downgrades the IOS and not the firmware.

17) Download the cIOS Downgrader (note the name, not the IOS Downgrader!), Put it in the apps folder on the SD card and start the program from the HomeBrew Channel with the Wii connected to the internet. Select the 3.2E firmware version.

18) Nintendo from version 3.4E will be able to make updates on the Wii without the user's consent. For versions 3.3E and below, a specific action is requested by the user (confirmation).

For backup copies loaded via Backup Launcher, updates present within the DVD will be skipped and the game loaded normally. For original games, Starfall is required with the option to skip the updates contained in the original disc. Information on Starfall will be available on this blog. I recommend subscribing to RSS feeds.

19) You must have a reader among these: LG-8164b, LG-8163b, LG-8162b and LG-8161b and dump the ISO with RawDump2.0 using more than 2 and a half hours; at the end you will get a .ISO file