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Facebook Italia offices open

Facebook Italia offices inaugurated. Creativity, design and innovation in the center of Milan. The new headquarter for Facebook. Here are the pictures.

Italy is important for Facebook and Facebook for Italy (James Quarles, Facebook Regional Director for UK and Southern Europe)by Daniela Schicchi

An important 2014 for Facebook that celebrates, this year, 10 years from its birth (4 February 2004) and the new offices for the Italian headquarters. Years in which the most loved social in the world grew and evolved in an exciting way. In fact, consumers have changed the way they use the platform itself. In particular, the mobile world has shifted the behavior of users and Italy, although always a little slower than the rest of the world, to incorporate the changes, which for some time have succeeded in bridging the evolutionary gap to approach the world averages. The mobile which, today, contributes 59% to the entry of the company, will continue to be a strategic investment area for Facebook and the area in which energies and resources will be concentrated. And in this direction the company philosophy of openness and connectivity will be even more fundamental to ride the challenges ahead. The new Milan workspace was also created in this perspective, with the aim of stimulating collaboration. The new office offers accessibility to people, dialogue and constant comparison thanks to open spaces, without closed offices and hierarchical distinctions, as well as the possibility of personalizing the environment, transforming it every day. The design of the spaces was carried out by Cristiana Cutrona's RE | value studio in collaboration with the BRE and Voltaire engineers for the lighting and Biobyte part for acoustic consultancy.

The works were coordinated by the General Contractor, Il Prisma and the artistic works were created by the Italian artists of Nevercrew – Pablo Togni and Christian Rebecchi – as well as Paolo Ceccon and Roberta Maddalena, who joined Artist in Residence, the program with which Facebook promotes the creativity of young emerging talents in all locations around the world. The inauguration of the new offices is a tangible and clear demonstration of the increasingly important role of Facebook in our country and the importance of Italy as a strategic reference market for Facebook, said Luca Colombo, Facebook Italy Country Manager. The talent and passion that have made Made in Italy a flagship all over the globe thanks to the value of craftsmanship and excellence of Italian products, particularly in fashion, food and tourism, are the true key to Italy's dynamism and high potential . Just in the wake of this creativity, the spaces of Piazza Missori, in Milan, where the Italian headquarters of Facebook has positioned its headquarters, have come to life. The idea, at the base of the whole project, was found in the very heart that Facebook has. Being a square, a meeting place for socialization and sharing, the platform has found, according to REIvalue, a perfect correspondent in the concept of the old and historic Milanese dairy. The place that first gave birth to the concept of Milanese aperitif, an aggregation space, a corner that was a bit talkative and a sort of popular square. Finally, great attention is paid to recycled and recyclable materials that meet the concept of energy savings and sustainability that is so dear these days. An example? The meeting rooms, the only enclosed spaces of the venue, can be booked through small monitors placed next to the doors of the same rooms and the lights come on only when you enter to confirm the reservation.