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Facebook is the most downloaded app of the decade, Netflix the one we use the most

2019 is now running out and it's time to take stock. This year, however, the analyzes are much more interesting than usual, since we have reached the end of a decade and therefore all the retrospectives are aiming to analyze the 2010-2019 period, instead of being limited to the last 12 months.

For the mobile sector this is really very important, as this is the first decade of history in which smartphones – and everything that orbits / derives from them – have been present from beginning to end.

App Annie took this opportunity to offer us an interesting analysis of the apps they have totaled the largest number of downloads and those that have been used for more time over the last 10 years. All the information collected takes into consideration the combined data of Android and iOS starting from 1 January 2012, while until 31 December 2011 it was possible to use only those from iOS. Let's take a look:

As can be seen, the app that scored the most downloads was Facebook, followed by Messenger, Whatsapp is Instagram. The giant led by Zuckerberg monopolizes the podium and the step immediately below, bringing all its main applications to the top of the rankings.

It is very interesting to note how TikTok has managed to position itself in the top 10, despite the boom of this social network is relatively recent. This is because, over the years and with the expansion of the base of mobile devices in the world, it is possible to reach an incredibly high amount of downloads even in a short time. An app that was recently published, in fact, has an incredibly larger audience than could be reached 10 years ago, which is why it is easier for him to climb this ranking.

Taking a look at the time of use, instead, we are not surprised that Netflix got first place, while Tinder's second is certainly more unexpected, but also very significant. All the other apps present are linked to streaming music or video services, with the exception of Line, the only messaging app that has managed to position itself in this ranking.

The Japanese messaging service therefore manages to undermine giants like WhatsApp, but we are not sure that this also applies to WeChat. The latter, in fact, is extremely popular in China (let's say even omnipresent), however the absence of the Play Store prevents us from evaluating the performances obtained by the Asian giant, which is why WeChat fails to enter the standings.

App Annie has also published the same type of analysis focusing on the world of mobile games. In this case it is interesting to note that the top 10 downloads are populated by titles historians such as Subway Surfers, candy Crush Saga, Temple Run 2 and other free to play games.

As for the most used games, instead, the podium wins it Clash of Clans, followed by Monster Strike and from candy Crush Saga. They manage to position themselves too Fate / Grand Order – a spin off of the Fate series that has now become a phenomenon in itself, it has grown so much -, the MOBA Honor of Kings (the Asian version of Arena of Valor) e Pokémon GO, which continues to remain on the crest of the wave thanks to an enviable support over time.