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eSIM on iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone XR: how to use it

Apple has launched its new iPhone line, which includesiPhone Xs is Xs Max, in addition to the cheapest iPhone Xr.All the devices have the same notche display and face recognition technology, presented for the first time on the iPhone X last year. Apple has also added a much awaited feature on the whole new iPhone line: the double SIM support, but even more innovative is the introduction of eSIM on the iPhone on all versions.

The manufacturer has implemented the Dual-Standby Dual-SIM feature in its new devices, which allow users to use two different phone numbers on a single smartphone. It allows the device to dynamically change the active number depending on which one receives the call, and can also select the number to call from.

Dual SIM on the iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone XR

Major innovation for the new models of iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone XR, all with support for dual-SIM functionality through the inclusion of one standard nano-SIM slot it's a ESim, a feature that was previously used in some iPad and Apple Watch models.

When the eSIM will be active

On the Apple website, it is specified that the eSIM function will not be available at the time of the launch of the new iPhone, but instead the company intends to introduce it by the end of the year included in an update of the new iOS 12 operating system.

In the settings of iOS 12 there will be a dedicated section for the configuration of the two SIMs. You can only set one default number or you can assign both cell plans to two different operators. Apple explains this feature on a support page. You can freely decide to make and receive calls from both numbers and to change from one number to another with extreme ease.

Dual-SIM support will allow the new iPhone XS, XS Max and XR to support two cellular plans simultaneously. This is useful for all people who have two phone numbers, for work and personal use.

eSIM on the iPhone

Both numbers used with a dual SIM iPhone can make and receive voice calls and receive SMS and MMS messages, but an iPhone can use only one cellular data network at a time. This means that if a number in a call, a call to the other number will go through the voice mail service. Users will be able to take advantage of the best offers available on multiple networks, using the physical SIM for calls and SMS and the eSIM for calls. use of mobile data – or vice versa.

But from the point of view of the eSIM the situation in Italy is not rosy, even if after the introduction of this technology on all the new iPhones, a sudden change of course is expected. Currently in Italy not all managers support the eSIM functionality. The first that will enable an eSIM to be activated in Italy will definitely be Vodafone, which has already activated this function in other countries, and certainly also TIM, which already has an option for the Gear S2. While in the United States they are a little ahead, Apple has already made agreements with Verizon, AT & T and T-Mobile devices. Apple, on its website, has compiled a complete list of operators offering eSIM support in the rest of the world (except in Italy).

The dual-SIM feature will be available on all new iPhone models and in all countries, although rumors suggest that it may be limited to countries where using the most popular dual-SIM.

ESIMs are not allowed in China, so in this region Apple is introducing iPhones that only support dual physical SIMs. Other countries will instead have devices that support a physical SIM and an eSIM, as in Italy.

How to use eSIM on iPhone XS and XS Max

You can change eSIM by clicking on Settings> Mobile> Cell plans and touching the plan you want to use. Then touch Activate this line.

If you have a QR code instead, follow this procedure:

1. Go up Settings> Mobile.2. Tap onAdd cellular plan.3. Use your iPhone to scan the QR code provided by your operator – you may be asked to enter an activation code.

Or, to purchase a plan through an operator's app, proceed as follows:

1. Go to the App Store and download your operator's app.2. Use the app to purchase a cellular plan.

You should also name your plans in Settings> Mobile. Touch the number whose label you want to change. Then tap Mobile Plan Label and select a new label or enter a custom label.

What is the difference between SIM and eSIM?

We all know the SIM Cards, each of our phones equipped with this type of card, as it is common to all the current mobile sector. But a new type of technology is catching on the market, theESim (acronym ofembedded SIM) introduced now also in the new iPhone, which could soon replace the classic SIM.

But many will wonder what the differences between SIM and eSIM. On any device that has a connection to a telephone network, you can see the name of an operator in the upper left or right corner of the screen. This happens because the device is provided inside a phone's slotSIM Card. As we know, theTraditional SIMsthey can be connected to a single operator.

While thereESim, not a physical card that fits into a side or internal slot in the phone, as it is embedded on the device's motherboard or is part of the processor. So you won't have to worry about physically inserting a card into a slot or cutting it because it's bigger than the one on the phone.

Considering that theembedded SIM(eSIM) non-removable, the mandatory request: how to change manager? When it happens to change operator, the remote provisioning. This technology will keep you from going to a store to buy a new SIM card. With aESim, the transition is carried out in a virtual way also online.

So, as you can see, the advantages ofESimthey are huge, because it can use its memory for more phone profiles. If you have to travel, you can access the new country's mobile operator without having to replace the card on the phone. Imagine you are traveling abroad and bringing with you a notebook or a 2-in-1 convertible with the technologyESim,you can use the devices in any corner of the world by connecting to the internet without changing SIM and operator every time.

It will be a continuously evolving technology also because it can be used effectively even on smaller devices for its small footprint. ESIMs will be enabled on all those devices that simply need to be connected, because eSIM does not require space inside a device. This will allow fitness trackers or even glasses to have standalone 4G connectivity in a way they weren't able to do before.

When you buy a new or used iPhone or perform a reset on your old iPhone, after you need to activate it. The easiest way to activate an iPhone without a SIM card is to have an iPhone unlocked at the factory. If for any reason you cannot activate it, follow the detailed guide that we propose below.