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Divorce for 8000 iTunes songs

Divorce for 8000 iTunes songs logomacitynet1200wide 1

The frenzy for digital music can also lead to divorce. This is what an anonymous American citizen learned at his own expense who, according to Entertainment Weekly, would have been seen at his wife's door when he discovered that his (not too much) sweet half would have spent about $ 8,000 on a just a month to buy music from the iTunes Music Store.

Susan P. (this is the signature at the bottom of the letter to the newspaper specializing in entertainment and entertainment), had some suspicion that something was not working in her husband's spending choices when he noticed a proliferation of digital media.

"It had 700 CDs and 300 DVDs and hundreds and hundreds of music albums," says poor Susan, "when I discovered that on the credit card for the last month alone there was an account of as much as 43 thousand dollars." To reach this stellar total the cine-musicophile would have visited dozens of shops but also and above all bought 8000 songs from the iTunes Music Store '. A little too much despite a salary, not despicable, of 45 thousand dollars (about 35 thousand euros) a year. Hence the decision to leave the husband who, if nothing else, will be able to accompany the reflection on his questionable choices in terms of purchase with long musical meditations "

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