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Disney: iTv changes the cards on the table

Disney: iTv changes the cards on the table logomacitynet1200wide 1

In addition to giving some information on the number of films sold during the first week (125 thousand as written in an article last night), Disney CEO Bob Iger also revealed some details not known on iTv until yesterday. The opportunity to go to the topic was offered to Iger by a conference by Goldman Sachs, held in New York.

The most interesting detail is the fact that Apple's media extender has a small HD inside it. The function of the hard disk has not been explained in detail, but it is likely to work as a sort of "cache" to make the flow of images more fluid and avoid jumps in reproduction.

Iger also stated that when iTv is accessed it detects the presence of a wireless feed from any computer in its range of action. You decide which one to connect to and the video starts instantly. Obviously, as explained during the conference last Tuesday, iTv can reproduce whatever is in the iTunes library, the movies but also the photos. Iger said he was very interested in iTv's prospects for use: "I saw him working in a living room set-up – says the CEO of – and I think he has the chance to change the scenario. I think we can think of it as a way to profit from an experience similar to that of the Pvr. If you forget to record an episode of a TV show, go to the iTunes site to download the same episode and pay $ 1.99 to watch it on TV ".

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