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Digital Venice 2014 – the impact on social networks (and on reality)

Digital Venice was a success, for the scope of the initiative, for the present speakers, for the involvement: here is the impact in numbers and data.

Digital Venice was a success, for the scope of the initiative, for the present speakers, for the involvement of people and institutions. Digital Venice, promoted by the Italian Presidency of the European Council with the support of the EU Commission (DG Connect), was hosted by the Municipality of Venice and realized by Venis SpA, the ICT company of the Municipality of Venice that since 2009 has built the broadband network, making Venice one of the first cities in Italy to be wired in proprietary optical fiber and to offer free wifi to residents and city user.The success of the initiative also highlighted by the registered numbers.The participantsThe international event brought to Venice the President of the Council of Ministers Matteo Renzi and the European Commissioner for Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the Commission, but also: 10 ministers (4 Italians and 6 Europeans) and some Italian and foreign undersecretaries, many European Commission officials and European delegations from: Greece, Poland, Malta, Spain, Austria, Lithuania. Also a delegation from the United States.37 executives of the main international ICT companies, who participated in the round table, accompanied by as many delegations and press offices157 accredited journalistsThese are the numbers of the 5 workshops on the agenda on the afternoon of 8 July: 40 international speakers362 participants

Streaming The round table was broadcast in web streaming on the official website of the event with a peak of over 700 Mbps of bandwidth occupied during the intervention of Matteo Renzi, this network traffic was generated by 3,583 views of the page dedicated to the service. There were more than 1,000 different devices that displayed the live broadcast, generating a traffic volume of around 600Gb for an equivalent duration of about 41 days. The live broadcast of the round table was also broadcast on YouTube where 1,656 reproductions were recorded with about 400 users connected simultaneously for a total equivalent of about 35 days of viewing. The streaming quality was very high, being able to assign 2 Mbps for each connected device. This quality level was also evident during the live broadcast on the maxi screens of the 113 th Arsenale, of the Santa Margherita Auditorium in Venice, of the Confindustria Gold Hall at the VEGA Science and Technology Park and in the television services that featured footage from video streaming . All major newspapers have relaunched video streaming on their online sites.

The site Overall the site was visited by about 20 thousand people who opened 150 thousand pages and downloaded 130 GB of content (equal to the capacity of 186 cd-rom). The program of the event was downloaded 14 thousand times. Some curiosities regarding the connections to the site: the second country, after Italy, of the visitors was Belgium (Brussels) connections also from Taiwan, Singapore, Seychelles, Iran, Barbados and Vietnam

WiFi Starting from 4 pm on 7 July and until 12 am on 9 July, the VeniceConnected network was open for free access without authentication throughout the Municipality of Venice, for the Certosa Island the access to the network remained available for the whole week, from 7 to 12 July, for the benefit of participants at the Camp2014 event, organized by Innovaction LabIn this period there was an increase of around 50% in average traffic (from 80 Mbps to 120 Mbps) and in 33% of connected devices during the week (from 12,000 to 16,000), only in the area of ??the Arsenal did 357 contemporary users arrive.

Twitter On 8 July, there were 17,000 tweets for #digitalvenice with an activity in the peak minute of 66 tweets. Levento generated a total of over 151,000,000 impressions, calculated by multiplying the number of tweets made by a single user by the number of its Follower. The most popular users (according to the number of citations) were: @matteorenzi with 2,659 tweets, @neeliekroeseu with 1,721 tweets, @venis_spa with 1,634 tweets.

Induced for the city In the week from 7 to 12 July, more than 30 events were organized, involving around 1,500 people (including participants and organizers), of which around 800 stayed in hotels on average for 2 days. The organization prepared 13 shuttles for the day July 8, it is estimated that over 2,500 public transport tickets and 350 private taxis were used. During the event, there were about 30 catering services for coffee breaks, lunches and dinners, as well as catering activities, although not officially scheduled. Events they were organized in different areas of the historic center, mainly at the Arsenale and the Telecom Italia Future Center (Campo San Salvador), but also: the Certosa island, Casin, Fondamenta Nuove theater, Scuola Grande di San Teodoro, Auditorium Santa Margherita (Ca Foscari) .The organization of the event at the Arsenale involved the strengthening of the network infrastructure (started in 2009 with VeneziaCamp, east esa in 2012 on the occasion of the Americas Cup) with a further fiber optic extension and the installation of 4 new outdoor access points and 21 indoor access points. Also on the Certosa island 1 additional access point was added. The permanent network infrastructure, that is, remained operational even after the conclusion of Digital Venice. During the event the literacy centers of Lido-Malamocco, Mestre-Bissuola, Marghera and Zelarino were involved through the FabCamper, the traveling digital laboratory of Go-on-Italy association that proposed demonstrations and experiments of new technologies (3D printers, the Leap Motion device, Arduino boards). It was an opportunity to relaunch the activities of the same centers in the area.

Acknowledgments The success of these numbers must be shared with those who actively collaborated in the success of Digital Venice 2014, an event realized with very limited resources and thanks to the fundamental contribution of those who wanted to support the organization by making their skills and / or technological tools available. It was conceived by Venis SpA and realized with the contribution of Vela SpA. A special thanks goes to: ActvAlilagunaBettini LauraCasin of VeniceCiscoFondazione Civic Museums of VeniceGiraldo AlessandraIBMItaltelOltrexVEGASaiv Technological Science Park – TelcablesSamsungTelecom ItaliaTeletronica / Certosa IslandCommunity of Venice


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